Will Clear Braces Be Stain With Food Or Liquids Colour?

Back then in the 1980s, the original ceramic braces were first made using plastic, which explains why it would often stain easily when orthodontic patients used them. As a result, many people preferred not to pick this braces treatment because of this fear.

However, as said earlier regarding the advancement in orthodontic technology, clear braces now make use of ceramic brackets and they do not stain at all. The only situation where it would happen would be when the orthodontist has to attach a small clear elastic around the area of the bracket which may potentially stain over time if you consume foods or liquids that are dark in colour. Asides from that, ceramic braces have been an excellent option for orthodontic patients as they are less susceptible to discolouration and are clear.

More comfortable and better-looking

When it comes to appearance, most would say that Invisalign braces would win the race by a hair. But when compared to traditional metal braces, it is safe to say that clear braces would win by a landslide.

It is usually compared to traditional metal braces because of how similar it looks and the benefits it offers to the teeth, in particular, the treatment involved in treating the complexity of the case. When you bring two of these crucial factors together, you are basically getting a solution to the two pressing problems, one’s appearance after braces and the treatment available to treat the malocclusion. Not only will you be able to fix medium to severe problems that only metal braces can, but you will also be able to look more pleasant looking as opposed to if you had worn metal braces to treat the orthodontic issue.


As orthodontic technology started to advanced, a change in clear braces could be seen. With this change, many orthodontic patients were able to achieve the smile that they desired.

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