What Services Are Included In A Buddhist Funeral Package?

A Buddhist funeral is a simple ceremony and can take place at either the deceased house, funeral home or a temple. There is an officiant, mostly a monk, in Singapore temple as well as the family members of the deceased. One can expect prayer, chanting, performing the rituals and lastly burning the body of the deceased.

Some families chose to spend some extra money on their loved one’s funeral. This is where the funeral services in Singapore come in.

A Buddhist funeral package includes essential funeral services like catering, transferring the remains from the funeral home to the crematorium, hearse and the design and arrangement of floral and condolences for the ceremony. It is important that you choose the right funeral service that is in accordance to your requirements.

Funeral Service in Singapore provides a wide range of Buddhist funeral packages and services like urns, cremation, coffins, catering, flowers, cars and drivers, first viewing etc. They have branches strategically located in the prime areas of Singapore. It is possible to have a Buddhist funeral service at any place you desire. These services also offer customized packages based on your needs or wishes. These can include basic requests or lavish wishes such as burial with a gold casket.

If you are arranging a Buddhist Funeral in Singapore, then it is important that you compare the prices and services of all the funeral companies present. You can either do this online or by personally visiting the service provider. Whatever you do just make sure that you choose an experienced service provider as you don’t want to get face any problems during the funeral ceremony.

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