Understanding What Contributes To Your Oral Hygiene

Nobody can describe your oral hygiene better than your dentist, but if you have been recently skipping dentist visits by opting for other unimportant work or just because the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy is on television, you are hurting yourself badly without even knowing it. Although dentist appointments come bearing heavy costs, looking the other way is not going to be a good decision in the long term.

Visiting a dentist once every three to six months is as important as taking care of your car. You may never know what’s cooking inside unless you undergo a major overhaul. Similarly, a visit to a good orthodontist in Singapore will uncover so many secrets that you may have thought to be irrelevant or insignificant earlier.

Let us start with:

The Basics

As per the directives issued by the Singapore Dental Association (SDA), every person should visit a dentist more than once during a 12 month period. Regular visits to the dentist helps prevent more serious diseases from spreading like tooth decay and oral cancer. Moreover, early placement of braces helps reduce dental costs later in life. So, if your dentist has recommended ceramic braces, you will find Singapore ceramic braces costs to be cheaper than if you opted for them after a certain age. Furthermore, every family member should see a dentist at least once in a year so that they can rule out any dental disease that may cause problems later.

Secrets That Can Contribute To Your Oral Hygiene

  1. Pain is not the problem

The good news that you are able to chew properly and eating an ice cream or drinking a hot cup of cocoa does not hurt may not be that good. Even if your mouth does not hurt, there is no reason that there is nothing growing that will trouble you later.

  1. Visiting a dentist only once a year

If you have had gum or tooth problems earlier, you should visit a dentist more than twice. The once or twice a year rule only applies to people who have had regular checkups in the past. You may have not even visited once.

  1. Brush your entire mouth

Periodontal disease can even affect only one part of your mouth without you knowing. Brushing properly can keep your back and front teeth in the same condition.

  1. Start flossing

If you are already undergoing the advanced stage of gum disease, flossing may be useless. Start flossing today, before it is too late!

  1. Give time to your oral hygiene

A good orthodontist in Singapore will recommend at least ten minutes of brushing and floss every day. An average adult hardly spends three minutes, and children spend way less.

  1. Smoking cannot be undone

Your smoking habit cannot be hidden from your dentist. The stench is fused into the tissues of the gum and mouth so there is no point covering up with mouthwash or mints.

  1. Germs on tooth brush are harmless

Unless you are sharing it with another person, you are fine with your tooth brush, so no need to spend on germ zappers or UV devices.

  1. Deteriorating oral health of your child is on you

If you are careless with your teeth, you know your children will follow in your footsteps.

  1. Fillings cause no harm

Fillings release a tiny amount of mercury into your mouth, but unless you undergo about 300 filling procedures, you are fine!

  1. Cannot stress it enough… Soda is NOT GOOD for you!

It cuts through your teeth, and not just because of the sugar but the acid too.

  1. Headaches can be fixed

Unaligned teeth can result in migraine. Pain often goes away once your teeth are in place. This is where you may have to consider bearing Singapore ceramic braces cost or an Invisalign treatment.


If you have consulted a good orthodontist in Singapore, you are in safe hands, however if you are still out of luck, here are a few secrets to help you improve your oral hygiene:

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