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How To Give Your Skin A Much-Needed Boost

The cosmetic industry is booming, and the use of social media marketing from celebrities, beauty gurus and influential social media personalities featuring makeup products contributes significantly. More and more people are dabbling in makeup and the reasons vary; to create a selfie-ready look, to look more professional in their job, […]

Foreclosed Properties: To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Most homebuyers wonder whether a foreclosed property can be a good idea, in any instance. While most of the talk surrounding foreclosed properties is negative, there is still a chance that it could benefit you. However, you need to be careful as a buyer not to buy a foreclosed property […]

Having A Healthy Body Leads To A Sound Mind And Spirit

TCM is the process, which includes various body and mind practices like Tai Chi and Acupuncture, and various Chinese herbs to prevent and cure health problems, as per the reports by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health at NIH (the National Institutes of Health). The accumulation of ‘Dampness’ […]

Oral Health Concerns Smokers Should Beware Of

Smoking can have a lasting impact on our health. Oftentimes, it’s the cause of various health complications and even fatal diseases. But enough about what it does to the body—instead, let’s talk about the likely damage sustained from smoking on your mouth, teeth and gums. 1. Stained teeth, bad breath […]

Is SEO Truly Worth The Time & Effort?

Are you new in the world of business?  Have you recently begun your entrepreneurship journey? If so, you should read this. The most important part of any business is its customers. No matter how big or small you start, you cannot be in business if you have zero customers, even […]

Common Expectations Patrons Have Of Restaurants

According to recent statistics, there were 7,680 registered businesses in Singapore’s food and beverage industry in 2016. Of these,  2,712 were restaurants, 477 fast food outlets, and 450 external caterers. If you’re planning to enter the industry, expect nothing less than fierce competition. However, it is possible to stay on […]